GaijinPot launches new ad Campaign at Shibuya’s iconic scramble crossing

January 24th, 2011Announcement

GaijinPot is making its debut on the big screen this week with a new video advertising campaign to be shown on the Mighty Vision large screen display, located at Shibuya’s world famous scramble crossing – one of the busiest stretches of road in the world.

The video campaign is GaijinPot’s first foray into screen advertising and will run every hour for a week. The campaign has been developed to show GaijinPot to a wider audience in one of Tokyo’s most internationally recognized spots. It follows the three main themes of the site – Live, Work and Play in Japan.

Gaijinpot Ad

‘We wanted to something different, get the message of the site out there in a big, fun way that has not been done before by a foreign-focused media company’ said Pierre Gaulis, Business Development Manager at GPlus Media. ‘So, we decided on Shibuya, the iconic center of Tokyo’s pop culture.’

With both locals and foreign residents of Japan drawn to the area every day of the week, plus one of the world’s busiest Starbucks outlet across the street, the video is up front and center at one of modern culture’s landmarks.

The video was created in partnership with Profound TV, a producer of video entertainment covering Japan’s music, art and cultural scenes. Broadcasts by Profound TV go out to thousands everyday via the large screens standing at iconic locations including Shibuya’s scramble crossing, Shimbashi Station and Akihabara. Profound TV also distributes its videos in the TV departments of Yamada Denki stores in the Tokyo area.

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GaijinPot is part of GPlus Media, a leading provider of foreign-focused recruiting and market solutions in Japan, offering a fully bilingual suite of sites and services to both large and small domestic and foreign companies.




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