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April 5th, 2011Announcement, Campaign

Dear GaijinPot Employers

It is now more than 3 weeks since the March 11th earthquake and ensuing tsunami which devastated the north-eastern area of Honshu Island. Our thoughts are still very much with those that have been directly affected by the crisis.

Developments at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima following the earthquake have been a source of concern and worry for us all and although many foreign staff are still living and working in Japan some foreign nationals have decided to return to their home countries.

Gaijinpot is here to support the foreign community in Japan and their employers. We have been closely monitoring developments since the earthquake on March 11 and have tried hard to provide up-to-date, relevant, correct and unbiased information throughout the crisis. Now, we have also put together a number of recruiting packages for companies in Japan that urgently need to hire new essential foreign staff.

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