2009 Marks GaijinPot’s 10th Anniversary

August 7th, 2009Announcement, Using GaijinPot

GaijinPot 10th anniversary2009 marks GaijinPot’s 10th anniversary and to celebrate this milestone, we’ve redesigned the site to power up your online recruiting efforts, incorporating the following great enhancements:
  • Sleek Redesign
  • Enhanced Security
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard
  • New Candidate Labelling System
  • Enriched SEO
  • Full Transfer of Existing Data
The quickest and easiest way to get your recruiting needs filled has always been to use a GaijinPot Job Posting and bring your vacancy to the attention of Japan’s international community of job seekers. Here for all our users, new and old, we take a closer look at the Job Postings, the advantages they offer and how they can be made to work for you.

Why use a GaijinPot Job Posting?

Deliver Your Message: A Job Posting on GaijinPot stays visible and working for you 24 hours a day and for a full calendar month, unlike traditional print-based ads that can get thrown out with that day’s news. Be Aggressive: All Job Postings are included as standard in GaijinPot’s most aggressive advertising tool, theJob Mail – putting your advertisement in the in-boxes of over 150,000 registered candidates and reaching even the most passive job seekers Stand Out: Optimize your recruiting efforts by highlighting your Job Posting and positioning it at the top of the Jobs section; add the power of your corporate logo and a Company Profile and set your vacancy apart from the rest in the eyes of the job seekers. Easy to Use: Whether choosing to only receive applications from candidates who meet your criteria, contact applicants in bulk or tracking communication with specific candidates – all GaijinPot Candidate Management Tools have been created to minimize time and effort while making it easier to achieve the results you desire.

Just 3 simple steps

1. First click the Post a New Job link in the employer toolbar.

NOTE: Must log in to proceed dashboard

2. Use the drop down menus and fill in the text boxes to build your Job Posting

image-2 We offer tailor-made packages including resume bank search for your budget and hiring needs. TIPS:
  • Include a full job description in your Job Posting
  • Make your selection criteria clear, to allow candidates to better self-select
  • Save up to 50% off your Job Postings by buying in bulk
Please contact customer support for more information. We offer tailor-made packages including resume bank search for your budget and hiring needs.

3. Give us a call on 03-5403-7785 and let one of our friendly, bilingual staff find a solution that’s right for you.



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