Change is coming for everyone ‘In Japan’

February 17th, 2009Announcement, Using GaijinPot

The new year has only just begun and exciting changes are taking place at GaijinPot, we are delighted to be able to announce the introduction of the new ‘In Japan’ section to the site.Featuring expert Blogs and a ‘Wiki’ tool providing information on all aspects of living and working in Japan makes GaijinPot an even more attractive site to visit for an increasingly large and diverse community of users; resulting in –

Greater exposure for advertised positions Increased numbers of applicants Higher quality of candidates

Employers can increase their recruiting power on GaijinPot with …

In Japan ‘Blog’

A Blog written by your Company will serve to generate even more exposure for your organization and provide candidates with a more in-depth portrait of your business, thus helping candidates to self-select, which benefits everyone involved. Increased exposure for banners on GaijinPot that will help maximize awareness of your corporate brand and generate even more applicants for your job offers.

In Japan ‘Wiki’

A Company entry in the ‘Wiki’ section that will provide job-seekers with detailed information about your organization, giving candidates a better taste of what you’re all about. Directory listings for all advertisers in sections relevant to their field of business, providing links back to their websites. Contact us online or by telephone (03-5403-7785) today to learn more about how to increase your company’s recruiting exposure on GaijinPot!


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