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October 16th, 2008Using GaijinPot

One of the undoubted benefits of advertising positions you wish to fill on Internet-based job sites is that it gets the message – that you are looking to hire – out quickly and very efficiently to a tremendous number of candidates and results in a huge pool of potential hires being generated.

What if you’re not looking for quantity but for a very specific kind of person to hire?

This is where using a good “Screening” function like the one available on will be invaluable in filtering out candidates who are not going make suitable hires. Internet screening systems are very efficient because they enable you to sift through potential candidates and only receive applications from those who will be able to perform the job based on the screening requirements you have stipulated. Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, screening allows you to place barriers to get rid of the haystack and leave you only with the needles.

“…screening allows you to place barriers to get rid of the haystack and leave you only with the needles.”

The use of screening allows the hiring process to begin with an automated tool that immediately screens out persons who do not meet a given set of qualifications.

Firstly develop a Candidate Profile, defining clearly the type of person and the kind of attributes you are looking for in terms of experience, qualifications, professional and personal qualities etc. From this profile, select three requirements that are the “deal breakers” – not those that define your ideal candidate but those requirements without which you would not consider making the hire. These factors, when put to use in your advertisement, will enable you to raise the overall quality of applications received.

Before applying to the position being advertised, a potential candidate will gain a better indication through the requirements displayed prominently in the job posting exactly the kind of person you are looking to hire.

To add extra impact to the required criteria given, they will appear again before any candidate is able to submit their application, with the requirements presented in question form. Only those candidates who are able to fulfill the requirements can submit their application.

By including requirements in your job posting, a large number of candidates will remove themselves, having realized that the advertising company is serious about only wishing to receive applications from those candidates who fulfill the published criteria.

By using the “Screening” function on GaijinPot, you will be able to cut down the work of selection by ensuring that unsuitable candidates remove themselves, making it absolutely clear that you will only consider candidates who fit your criteria.


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