Learn How to Effectively Use the Resume Bank

March 1st, 2008Using GaijinPot

[lang_en]Learn How to Effectively Use the Resume Bank[/lang_en][lang_ja]求める人材をドンピシャゲット[/lang_ja]As most GaijinPot employers already know, the most popular recruiting method is online job posting, which is the fastest way to reach the largest number of job-seekers. However, employers need to reach the right type of candidate and many have begun using the GaijinPot Resume Bank to do so. With hundreds of jobs online for job-seekers to search from, employers too often have to wait for the right candidate to apply. The Resume Bank takes the wait out of the equation by allowing employers to search over 100,000 resumes by criteria that matter most to them: education, language ability, related work experience, nationality, gender, age and location. Finally, finding the perfect candidate has gotten a whole lot easier!

Follow the steps below to learn how to successfully use the Resume Bank

First click the [Search Resume] link in the employer toolbar.

NOTE: Must login to proceed looking for employment

Use the drop down menus to select the type job-seeker you would like to hire. Then, click the [Search] button to begin compiling your ideal list of candidates.

ideal candidate

After a list of matching candidates have been displayed, click the Resume ID to view resume(s).

NOTE: Search results are ranked by which resumes are most recently activated. resume search

The Resume Bank allows you to view the most important parts of a job-seeker’s resume.

NOTE: Our privacy policy restricts the disclosure of name, picture, private contact information and name of employer through the Resume Bank.


Send an email invitation to job-seekers through our secure online system. Click the [Invite Candidate to Apply] button to invite job-seeker to apply.

work history

After verifying Job ID, click the [Preview] button to preview your invitation email

Invite candidate

Click the [Send Email to Candidate] button to invite job-seeker to apply.

NOTE: Job-seeker’s full resume becomes viewable after invitation is accepted invitation email


  • The keyword box searches for words directly typed into job-seeker’s resume(s). Trying similar terms describing the same position separately can increase results (Teacher = Instructor, Chef = Cook)
  • Speedup the invitation process by flagging multiple resumes and emailing everyone all at once
  • Contact customer support to learn which search terms work best with your position

Employer Comment: I prefer recruiting through the resume bank because of the time saved. The RB lets me tag and contact all the job-seekers I’d like to hire, making the interview phase so much smoother. (H. Kondo, Advertising Industry)

Job-Seeker Comment: I love getting direct emails from companies before applying. Most jobs on GaijinPot are so popular that I sometimes get discouraged after I submit a resume and right after notified that 100 other people have applied for the same job - depressing. The companies that find my resume keep my spirits up! (Z. Lott, America)


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