The Benefits of Using A Spotlight Job Posting

September 2nd, 2008HR Tips, Using GaijinPot

When placing an advertisement of any kind in any from of media it often isn’t enough for a lot of companies to just simply put an advert where there target audience might find it, more and more companies are using extra techniques to ensure that their advertisements get noticed.

This is also true for online job advertisements; with the need to successfully grab the attention of a wide range of candidates and thereby reach the very best, it is important to think about placing your advertisement in a place where it will get noticed by the largest number of potential candidates possible.

…the New York Times shows that Spotlight Job Postings receive 500% more views than a standard job posting…

A Spotlight Job Posting on allows advertisers to ensure the highest visibility possible for your Job Posting by strategically placing it in the topmost section of both the complete job listings and in its specific category for the month long duration of its online presence.

The value of a Spotlight Job Posting is further enhanced by the fact that the number available each month is strictly limited, ensuring that jobs stay visible throughout the duration of their posting. Recent research by the New York Times shows that Spotlight Job Postings receive 500% more views than a standard job posting.

Spotlight Jobs also generate high click-through rates and drive targeted traffic to your listing; thereby helping to create a much increased response from job seekers, generating larger numbers of applications received and a greater number from the high-quality candidates companies are looking to hire. also offers a limited number of Premium Job Postings which increase the visibility of Job Postings, by ensuring that they are always positioned above all the Basic Job Postings.

Whilst studies have shown that for that people need over 20 instances of visual perspective to actually remember something and although branding, credibility and a recognizable corporate personality are all vital in attracting great personnel these factors can only begin to make a difference once candidates eyes have been drawn to your job posting.

To hire the staff you really want you will need to successfully seize the attention of a wide range of candidates, a Spotlight Job Posting is a proven tool in enabling companies to achieve their hiring goals.

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