How Prepared Are You? Visa and Status of Residence: Part 2

August 1st, 2007HR Tips

[lang_en]How Prepared Are You? Visa and Status of Residence: Part 2[/lang_en][lang_ja]準備はOK? 査証(ビザ)および在留資格:パート2[/lang_ja]In this month’s WorkForce we shall be looking at the Extension of Period of Stay for foreigners in Japan in our series on Visa and Status of Residence. For a significant majority of foreign workers in Japan their Status of Residence is only guaranteed for periods of one or three years, which means for those who wish to stay for longer will have to apply for an Extension of Period of Stay in order to be granted further residence permission. Usually this application is made by the individual employee themselves at their nearest Regional Immigration Center.

The following documents are required when applying for Extension of Period of Stay:


  • Application Form
  • Company Brochure (or equivalent)
  • Original Copy of Company Registration
  • Copy of Company Profit and Loss Statement (Balance Sheet)
  • Copy of Company Tax Statement
  • Copy of Employees Contract
  • Translation of Employees Contract
  • Tax Statement Slip(s) for the previous fiscal year
  • Applicants Passport and Alien Registration Card (to show)
  • Letter of Release from the applicants’ previous sponsor
  • JPY 4,000 processing fee; in form of revenue stamps

For all foreign workers in Japan their current status of residence must be reflected on their Alien Registration Card, which must be carried at all times.

This card must be applied for at the City, Ward or Town Office appropriate to their place of residence within 14 days of taking up residence and again within fourteen days of any changes to the information contained on the card being made.

Forms for these applications can be found at;

For Further Information please see:

Locations of Regional Immigration Centers (click on the nearest main branch to display the list of its sub-branches)

Immigration Information Center

Call 03 5796-7112 for guidance on;


  • Procedures to apply for entry permission
  • Procedures for acquiring or changing status of residence and extending periods of stay.
  • Alien registration procedures
  • Various documents required for applications
  • General immigration matters

Weekdays; 9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00


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