GLOBIS & Project KIBOW collaborate to gather donations for earthquake victims

March 15th, 2011News

GLOBIS & Project KIBOW collaborate to gather

donations for earthquake victims

Following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan, GLOBIS University has decided to call for donations from concerned people, including faculty, alumni, students and others in order to support the rescue and relief in the devastated areas.

GLOBIS will match the total amount of donations given, up to 20 million yen, to charity organizations such as Civic Force (even if this amount is exceeded, GLOBIS will accept further donations). This donation period will close at the end of Thursday, March 31. Civic Force ( responds to large scale natural disasters in Japan, and is established for realizing of more effective and prompt disaster relief by cooperating closely with NGOs, the business community and government of Japan. It takes the role of “Platform” where information, manpower, funds and resources are gathered.

Also, on March 16, GLOBIS began collaborating with Project KIBOW to appeal for donations from all over the world. KIBOW was set up by a group of entrepreneurs and leaders in Japan, including Yoshito Hori (Dean & President, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University), Hiroshi Mikitani (CEO of Rakuten, Inc) and Kiyoshi Nishizawa (CEO of Netage, Inc), among others.

“The message of KIBOW is ‘We will never be defeated,’” said Hori. “We will rebuild the town, rebuild Japan. Japan currently faces fear and tremendous uncertainty, in addition to a long way to recovery. However, we are most certain that the country will not give up under any circumstance and we want to let people know that everyone throughout the world is watching and supporting the efforts of the people in Japan.

KIBOW stands for a Japanese word “kibo” which means “hope.” The spelling has been changed to incorporate the word “Rainbow”, in the spirit of the project which is to a bridge of hope between the people around the world and Japan.

How to donate

1. Donation box placed at GLOBIS campuses (1st and 4th floor of GLOBIS Tokyo campus, Osaka campus, and Nagoya Campus)

2. Bank transfer
Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch: Kojimachi branch (Branch No.: 218)
Account: Savings Account, No. 9018817

3. Pay by PayPal

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