531,000 foreigners left Japan since quake; 244,000 in first week

April 16th, 2011News

A total of 531,000 foreigners left Japan in the four weeks from March 12 to April 8, including 244,000 in the first week after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the Justice Ministry said Friday.

The number of foreigners who left Japan in the first week after the disaster increased sharply from the 140,000 who left in the week before the calamity, reflecting the recommendations of their home country governments, the ministry said.

Of the foreigners who left Japan during the four weeks, 302,000, or almost 57%, obtained reentry permits.

The total included 185,000 Chinese, 107,000 South Koreans and 39,000 Americans.

The ministry also said 302,000 foreigners entered Japan during the four-week period, including 58,000 in the first week after the disaster in comparison with 157,000 in the week before.

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