No pay rises for a third of Japanese professionals in 2011:Robert Walters

June 22nd, 2011News

No pay rises for a third of Japanese professionals in 2011

Osaka, June 22, 2011 ― Despite Asia offering the highest proportion of pay rises globally in 2011, 27 per cent of professionals working across Japan did not receive a salary increase this year, according to a recent global survey of more than 3,200 professionals by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters.

The survey reveals that of the Japanese respondents: – 44% received a pay rise of between 1-5% – 16% received between 6-10% – 2% received between 11-20% – 11% received more than 21%

Other Asian markets, however, received the highest salary increases of ten per cent or more – 45 per cent of respondents from China, 26 per cent of respondents in Thailand, 24 per cent of respondents in Malaysia, 22 per cent of respondents in Singapore and 21 per cent of respondents from Hong Kong. The comparative figure for Japan was 13 per cent.

Nathaniel Pemberton, Osaka Manager at Robert Walters, comments: “Despite showing signs of slight recovery in early 2011, the cautious approach taken by many Japanese companies following the March earthquake may help explain the lack of pay rises, particularly those within the struggling manufacturing sector.

“While it is still too early to determine what the future plans are for companies that temporarily relocated to Kansai, if a long-term move is decided, there will likely be pay rises to attract professionals from Tokyo-based operations and to retain their locally-based top performers.”

Locations where a particularly large proportion of professionals received no pay rise at all for 2011 included Ireland (65 per cent of respondents), New Zealand (49 per cent), Belgium (39 per cent) and Australia (35 per cent). ———————————————————— About Robert Walters – Robert Walters is one of the leading international recruitment consultancies and uses its distinct advantages of size, proven track record and unparalleled global network to provide permanent and contract recruitment solutions across all industry sectors.

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